How to support healthy fertility

Increase male fertility

When it comes to conceiving a baby a womans’ fertility is only part of the equation.

It’s a FACT that guys make babies too – in fact we make up 50% of the equation – there are plenty of things that men and women can do to help us guys support our fertility.

De-stress and chill out

Stress can interfere with sperm production, massively. Take time out for you, get some exercise in, not running ultra-marathons, but a healthy happy de stressed bloke is going to be able to produce happy healthy swimmers.

Turn off the heat

As mentioned all the way through this site – our blokes bits hang from our bodies for a very good reason, our swimmers ideally should be a few degrees colder than our average body temp. Stay away from that long intensive spa pool / sauna and let the big fellas hang out!

Boost your nutrition

Maintain a healthy weight, include moderate physical activity in your daily routine, eat a healthy diet, limit caffeine and manage stress. The same good habits will serve you and your baby well during pregnancy.

Eat the right foods.

Good healthy whole foods. And often

Drink plenty of water

Kick all the usual habits

  • Smoking
  • Excessive drinking
  • Exercise in moderation – don’t go on a 5 hour cycle race every other day – BUT do exercise, it is worse if you don’t! 

Have Sex regularly

If you consistently have sex two or three times a week, you’re almost certain to hit a fertile period at some point. For healthy couples who want to conceive, there’s no such thing as too much sex. For many couples, this might be all it takes.