Guys, please wake up and help your Partners get Pregnant!!


Below is a rant of mine (Aaron) on another Social Media outlet – thought I would share.

No.1 – I have learned through our business that Men are simply useless, We have had guys ring up for a replacement bottle to replace the one they started 18 months prior. A product like Vitamenz is only ever going to help if your partners are consistent with it – taking the prescribed doseage everyday is going to dramatically help increase the 3 main groups but also quality. That is point No.1 there is NO POINT otherwise.

No. 2 – basically the condition of a man is ultimately a true reflection of what his sperm is doing. If he is slow and overweight – guess what his sperm wont burst up your fallopian tube peeling off its Superman Cape as they go.

No. 3 – Sperm quality is the underlying parameter that you should be most concerned about. DO NOT focus all your efforts, or his for that matter on Count, Motility and Morphology – all you are doing is being pigeon holed into a very decreasing fertility scale. Ultimately it is the quality that will be reflective of a successful pregnancy – and ultimately taking it through to a healthy baby. Several of you ladies on here get very upset when you see you embryo quality decreasing over a period of days from Fertilisation through to grades 1 – 5 and painfully you watch them disintegrate before your eyes. Fragmenting and disappearing away. 50% of the time the reason for that is your partners Sperm QUALITY – just because an egg fertilises DOES NOT MEAN your partner has been helpful OR successful.If cell division does not occur because the underlying DNA structuring of the sperm cell isn’t firing – its all over.

No . 4 – it is now clinically proven that 40% of fertility issues relate directly to Sperm Health & 50% and perhaps up to 65% of all Mis Carriages can be attributed to Sperm Health or lack thereof. Ref below if you would like to read – I have many more clinical studies, ask and I can PM them over

When you spend upwards of $12,000 on a round of IVF – why do your partners not support the process 110% – they have to do everything they can in their powers to be part of the process. Please please please stop thinking that because the doctor told them a Semen Analysis came back OK that – then they can doing nothing and think that they are invincible – no they can not!! Diet and lifestyle changes alone can change the course of your fertility journey – they don’t have to take a product like ours, but it is a damn site easier too rather than try and get all that nutritional value everyday in what we eat and drink. Thats why its called a dietary supplement.