As I look into my childs eyes




Every day I thank someone for the beautiful gift of my children. It was not without its ups and downs, 7 miss carriages, 2 ectopic pregnancies, 2 tubes removed and 4 rounds of IVF it took to create # 2 of our brood.

Why is it that so many people in this world take having babies for granted. It is getting worse on a global scale and will continue for the foreseeable future.

Fertility is a nasty beast, it is a not pleasant nor is it sensible. We are taught from a young age that our pure presence on this planet is to work hard, re-create and hopefully produce the leaders of tomorrow and yet somewhere along the way we forget about those that have come before us.

It is debilitating, it saps us of our energy and all the while we have friends and family around us seemingly being able to give birth at the drop of a hat. I love that a lot of my family and friends have never experienced what we had too, what so many people around the globe have had to endure just to get the pleasure of seeing a first smile, a first tooth, a first try scored in a game of rugby, a first goal in a game of netball – a first endearing hug from a Grandchild to a Grandparent.

Those eyes that I look into – the ones deeper than the ocean itself reminds me of where we came from of who ultimately loves us and who created us. Sometime those people aren’t with us anymore and it hurts and it’s tough.

We have walked a strange path over the last few years, a path that I constantly have to remind myself is perhaps what is intended, as I always say “ It is, what it is” but I would like to say today to all our friends and family on this page, tomorrow is another day a battle will be raging and you will succeed – I promise you, you will because you deserve too, and to those who have created us, and to those that are no longer with us – for today we remember your smile. RIP Mick!